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 Marcela Bovio : Biography + Photo

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Date d'inscription : 2010-10-30
Age : 27
Localisation : Virginal-Samme (Ittre) / Belgique

PostSubject: Marcela Bovio : Biography + Photo   Sun 28 Oct - 5:51

Mexico (and Netherland!)
Birthday: October 17
Instrument: Voice, violin
Equipment: Acoustic violin, Yamaha electric violin
Endorsements: Yamaha
Bands: Hydra (1997-2001), Elfonía (2001-2006)

Main influences: Progressive rock, atmospheric rock, gothic, post rock, jazz
Favorite bands:
The 3rd and the Mortal, Dead can Dance, Rush, King Crimson, Pink
Floyd, Ayreon, Godspeed you black emperor!, Mogwai, Muse, Interpol,
Favorite musicians: Ann-Mari
Edvardsen, Sarah Vaughan, Cassandra Wilson, Kathleen Battle, Lisa
Gerrard, Kate Bush, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Dave Holland, Richard
Favorite movies: Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Mallrats, Waking Life
Favorite books: The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Divine Comedy, Gustavo Adolfo Becker's Rhymes and Legends, The Tin Drum
Sports: Soccer (watching, not playing, hehe)
Favorite food: Pasta, pizza, chocolate and possibly every other kind of junk food there is
Favorite drinks: Water, wine, beer
Dislikes: Traffic jams; small, noisy dogs
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, listening to music, surfing the net
How did you get started in music?:
I started
off with basic music theory and flute lessons on a local music academy
when I was around 6 years old. On my teens I started taking violin and
classical singing lessons, and I became interested in alternative rock,
progressive rock and metal. I've always loved melancholic music, so I
was very inspired by gothic and doom bands. Later on I became interested
in jazz, post rock, world music, and began taking jazz harmony lessons.
Nowadays I try to keep my ears open to absorb as many musical
influences as I can.


Pour avoir des écoutes de différents albums envoyez moi une message sur :

votre Admin : JessEpica.
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Marcela Bovio : Biography + Photo
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