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 biographie - biography

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PostSubject: biographie - biography   Sun 5 Feb - 1:10

History In June of 2002 Drummer Yuri, Vocalist Slava and Guitarist Bill met together for the first time in New Jersey. As the conversation went on around the dinner table, each learned what the others person's musical interests were and what kind of a musical project each would like to have. At the end of this meeting they decided to get together again in the rehearsal studio. During the second meeting in the studio, the three realized they could enjoy working together. They had a good musical background and enough experience playing with other musicians to form their own band. Even though the band needed a bass player and a keyboardist, Bill, Yuri & Slava started rehearsing and working on putting together new material. Bill brought in his fast riffs and solos, Yuri brought in fast double-kicksOperatika, and Slava brought in her contemporary operatic vocals. Some time later bass player Kostya joined in and the sound became much more complete. The first couple of songs were finally finished and the band could move onto the new material. Everything was going well but the band really needed a name. After many ideas, suggestions, and discussions Operatika seemed to really apply to the meaning and style of the music.

In early 2003 Operatika was excited to add another member--keyboardist Anna, who completed the sound of all Operatika's songs that would allow the band to play live.During the spring of 2003, bass player Kostya had to leave the band because of his studies. And while the band kept rehearsing and working on more songsOperatika, bass player Chris came on to the scene. With a complete band and songs ready for the live performance, Operatika started booking shows. The band's first big show was opening for Nightwish at L'amour (Brooklyn, NY) on September 7, 2003. In January of 2004, bass player Jim Norton joined Operatika replacing former bassist Chris. After some time, Jim had to leave for personal reasons and Stan joined the band in his place.

In April of 2005, Operatika released its long awaited Demo/EP "Dreamworld". With four tracks and three full songs, "Dreamworld" has been very successful among Operatika's fans all over the world. At the present time the band is working on new material, planning to come back to the recording studio in 2006 for a full album. Operatika has played many live gigs since 2003 Nightwish show: Michael Schenker Group, Helloween, Yngwie Malmsteen and George Lynch, Twisted Sister and Sebastian Bach, Lynch Mob, Europe.


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biographie - biography
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